Meet Valaencia Thompson also known on social media as froREALdoe!

froREALdoe is an ode to Valaencia’s love for being a black woman of color & an acronym that stands for her life values: 


Valaencia is the founder of Glittered in Goals. She is a native Houstonian who is known for her BIG heart and ability to lovingly lead. Valaencia has an extensive background in professional childcare and works as a Recruiting Manager & Special Project Lead for a Childcare Agency in Houston, TX.

In addition to her corporate job, Valaencia has a background in blogging, speaking, hosting, & radio production. She produced a weekly radio show called Best You Journey on Amazing 102.5 FM.

Valaencia created Glittered in Goals in 2017, because she saw a need to help women reach their fullest potential. After battling an eating disorder from her teen years to early twenties, she understands first hand how hard and isolating life can feel at times.

With her faith and a strong support system, she was able to overcome her struggles. Valaencia vowed to use her life as a ministry and help support other people as they overcome their challenges. She believes that we should not simply have goals, but do the work to turn those GOALS into GROWTH.

Follow Valaencia on Instagram: @froREALdoe